Vildsund Camping

The camping park has an 18 hole minigolf course. The beach is only a couple hundred meters down the road if you feel more like swimming in the fjord. The beach has a nice jetty, made especially for swimmers. If you prefer swimming in the North Sea (Vesterhavet) you only have to travel 15 kilometers to go to the nearest beach with access to the North Sea.

A big football field, a playground and pets are available to the children. Furthermore the camping park has a beach-volleyball court, a petanque court, a pool table, a ping pong table and a bouncy cushion.
The camping park has a small building for kids and youngsters in which they will find video games, a TV and various games and toys.

The town of Vildsund has a tennis club, which it is possible to rent courts off of.
Vildsund Camping has a big grill, which is available to the campers at all times. If the weather allows it, it is possible to arrange a barbecue get-together for all the campers now and then.

We arrange various activities and contests in coorperation with a selected party commitee. Saint Hans' night (a traditional Danish holiday to celebrate mid-summer) and the fall party, to celebrate the ending season, are permanent events, coming back every year.

In week 30 every year there is a horse- and merchant's market in Vildsund. Merchants come to town, selling various goods and animals. Kandis (a Danish pop band) is playing every year at the main pavillion at night, every night, for the duration of the event.

We can offer you facilities with room for 150 dining guests if you're having a family gathering, a colleague weekend or something similar. It is also possible to stay over night in our huts. We will be happy to help you arrange the party and the stay.